Read, Listen… or Not

I have a new Forcebook profile. Why not.


There’s a neat little piece of what I think is called ‘flash fiction’ on a blog called Love The Bad Guy. It was called The Crying Machine. It’s a blog I subcribed to awhile back; I get e-mails when there’s a new post and this one caught my eye. I wonder how many people out there really think along the same lines as the professor when it comes to emotion. Probably more than I would like to think.


A few recommended songs: Survivalism, Heresy, Into the Void, Get Down, Make Love, and Burn by Nine Inch Nails; Ass Worship and Scapegoat by John Lucey Ferrell; Fame, Let’s Dance, and I’m Afraid of Americans by David Bowie; This Shit Will Fuck You Up and This Is My Rifle by Combichrist.

…Or not.



    1. No problem 😉 I’ve actually enjoyed most of your posts – particularly Colours in the Cave, in its various segments – but this one went along with some of my thinking lately about the world in general and I felt compelled to mention it 🙂 .

    1. Darth Vilious’s site? If that’s the one you mean, I stopped in every now and then but after Ashton and the admin dropped out of touch it died down there so I haven’t checked it out for a while. Another one (Order of the Sith), which I think you just registered at, is the site I established back in October of 2006. And yep, I made the Sith Resource site 🙂 .

      Any story behind your name?

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