Dissonance is Back

Dissonance is back, has been for a few weeks now. There’s a new Main Page and –  lol, at long last – an archive of the newer shows. There was one or two that got lost due to the delays in moving from Blog Talk Radio to the new platform, but shit happens; besides, the two newest episodes more than make up for the wait. I have to wonder at the synchronity amongst us sometimes.

Embracing Entropy, Igniting Passion aired Feb. 5th, and echoes a lot of the thoughts I’ve had relating (partially) to the forums I frequent and (more so) what I’ve been feeling out and exploring with my own personal obstacles and internal struggles. The way Khaos starts this show actually speaks to a hard part of the process of dark healing; depressing news he says. Verily. And that’s a stage that I think is imprtant to pass through. And pay attention to that: pass through. That means friction, strife, struggle; that doesn’t mean just sitting still and waiting for it to pass. The Path of Pain aired yesterday and is just as worth listening to.

The Archive page links to both of these and will be home to future episodes after they’re aired and recorded. Speaking of which, the show is no longer the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month; instead it’s every Sunday at 3:00 pm EST. To anyone that happens upon this, I’d definately say it’s worth checking out.


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