A Dark Blurb

I’ll probably start using the term “dark side” interchangeably with the words I usually use, like “darkness” or “dark”. Experienced practitioners will know what I’m talking about. I find the potentially misleading element of using it appealing, especially when it comes to newer students… to people who could do with being given oppurtunities to garner an understanding of their own, even ones as small as this.

As far as prodding new kids, I kind of already addressed my own thoughts on that. I say, initially, there’s usually not enough to tell if they’re worth the time, if they have thick-enough skin yet, or if they’re even worthy of the kind of perceptive, sometimes cut-throat attention an experienced Adept can offer. But… if you’re going to do it, the for fucks sake do it with a little finesse.

I was going to post an… inauguration speech of sorts on Valentine’s Day. That was among one of the things I aimed for on the 14th. Today is President’s Day though, so who knows… I might get around to it, I might not. Regardless, if it’s given – today or any other day – I suspect it won’t satisfy those that criticize my ways. Now…

Remember when I said I’d occasionally post links? Here’s one: Forum. That will take you to a back-up forum. Anyone that’s recognized as a Dark Knight or Master is free to ask for a private forum, which is intended for a user to post back-ups of what he or she posts in the Force Academy forums if so inclined. It’s also where the recent lectures, recently removed from the Dark Lecture Hall, are temporarily being housed.


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