There’s a lot of things over the years I’ve become temporarily obsessed with, inspired by, or otherwise intensely engaged in. Drugs and partying, that was a fun interest for awhile. Still is every now and then, though usually without the drugs now – I generally just stick to alchohol and cancer sticks. Magick, it seems, is an ongoing affair – it waxes and wanes, but definately seems a long-term interest. The works of Friedrich Nietzsche is another. Bonsai had my attention for awhile, as have a number of religions… and poetry of course. Lavey, numerology, Mark Twain, Wicca, Christianity, Serial Killers, etc. I could go on and on. And that’s only one dimension of what I’m about to talk about, hopefully one that’s more visible, that more clearly illustrates what other subtler examples might fail to show.

Marilyn Manson is one such Gateway. Were it not for my interest in his artwork (both audio and visual), his outlooks, and the man himself, there are a number of things I wouldn’t have come across or explored when I did (if I would have at all). It was through his active use of numbers throughout his career that sparked a short bout of research and interest in numerology, his use of symbolism that led to a more thorough understanding of what can be done with artwork, how things can be weaved together; hell, I even furthered my understanding of certain esoteric practices and alchemical processes.

My understanding and appreciation for the subtleties and application of the Sith Code is… intimate, has a basis in personal experience, and continues to serve me well because I walked through the Gateway of a training program offered by the Sixth Dynasty of the Dark Aspect. I’m familiar with the works and have put to use the methods of Austin Osman Spare, and did so after Khaos mentioned the name. I’ve experiemented with ideas, outlooks, and practices originating from Carl Jung because of the interest I had in the results Miles had reaped from efforts with himself and his apprentices. The Lore represented a Gateway through which I became Sith. Part of the purpose the Dark Lecture Hall will come to serve may be in acting as a Gateway, created and put to use by Masters of the Seventh Dynasty.

This isn’t an angle newcomers or students always think of, but it’s there, just under the surface and seen by those that can see it. They’re everywhere, and are often walked through without really being noticed. Not that being noticed necessarily matters… in fact, that’s a reason why it can be useful, the perceptive ones can exploit and manipulate the things that most are blind to. Holding a thing up to diplay so others can see proof of your cleverness isn’t always the best course of action to be taken. Part of the price for this is that you don’t always get recognition from others for what you do, you don’t always get credited for your labors or the fruit they bare.

Misc. Musings…



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