Hey Cruel World Tour

lol So, Manson’s tour kicked off in Sydney a few days ago and there’s already controversy and conflict among “fans”. Apparently some people have a problem with him being high when he performs. *shrugs* It’s nuthin’ new, I’ve seen youtube vids of concerts during the Antichrist Superstar era – playing the title track of the album no less – where he was probably spun out of his mind on blow (at the very least). One of them was televised if I’m not mistaken.

I can’t tell what he sounds like since none of the videos have decent sound quality, but at least he seems into it, engaged with the experience. It’s funny to me that there’s always a controversy, always soome form of attention granted to him. Go back a few years and it was “evil, youth corrupting devil worshiper vs. brilliant, intellectual, ambitious rock star”, then it switched over to “whinney, heartbroken, irrelevant singer vs. romantic, artistic, down-trodden rock star”. The new one seems to be “washed up, spun out has-been, and shitty performer vs. passionate, reinvigorated villian”.  I’m liking what I see so far, personally. If nothing else, the imagery is awesome.


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