…is better than No Motion. My own experimentation has validated the value of movement, and if I’m remembering right Khaos has reiterated that a few times in shows following his Dark Side Healing episodes. Of course, it only makes sense. As a Sith practitioner, I’d say I rate progression and personal metamorphosis pretty high. How do you get that if there’s no movement or motion?

The avatar of Revan’s Sith holocron in the fiction said something related to this, “The Force will change you. It will transform you. Some fear this change. The teachings of the Jedi are focused on fighting and controlling this transformation. That is why those who serve the light are limited in what they accomplish.” I strive to enable, embrace, guide, and exploit the shit out of the changes I go through, be they moment to moment or over the years… whether I’m in Slow-Mo-Tion, or in the midst of Motion Sickness, I won’t be still ’till I’m dead. Stray thought: maybe bursts of motion (mental, emotional, etc.) are to a stagnating, unhealthy spirit what an electric shock is to an unbeating heart.



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