Contemplating Lectures

(Written February 2nd, 2010)

Contemplating Lectures: On Obtaining Power & The Reality of Power

In the former, On Obtaining Power, Noel seems to be talking only about secular power, economics. Going to the next, Irvine seems intent on spiritual power based on passion. The second might seem to refute the first, but really they compliment one another. Seeing as I don’t agree with an afterlife in heaven or hell, in splendor or damnation, as plausible, I fail to see what good materialistic, or rather temporal, power is of any use to someone that wants to grow if they are not in pursuit of spiritual power in some form or other; or vice versa. One is usually sought at the expense of the other, but I think that is done in error. I’ve been quite the screw up numerous times at becoming to focused on my spiritual pursuits which then hurts what I’m striving for physically and mentally; and that then comes full circle to trip me up and impede my spiritual endeavors.

Noel makes some points worth noting, and that I think are perfectly applicable to all, not just material, of mind and matter, but of the spirit to. To give an example:

“Take risks. Be entrepreneurial in what you do. Of course balance is called for when taking risks. Be mindful so as, while not letting prudence hold you back, you neither jump before you look, nor blind yourself in the light while looking.”
~ Noel Vock

Balance is, of course, over-rated in my opinion. What I mean by that is imbalance, chaos, uncertainty; these things are under-rated by most people. To few men and women of today’s world see and capitalize on the value in growing through such things. That isn’t me presuming that I am one of the few and proud who does always capitalize, that is not something I dare claim of myself. To be sure, I do miss oppurtunities; but at least I see them most of the time. Carpe Diem? Certainly. Faliure is itself one of these oppurtunities. While I do not always seize it – the day, the oppurtunity – I am working to make such seizure a habit because I believe it to be of benefit to myself. This ties in to my belief in the necessity of power, that all living things need and have some degree of it. Also relative to this is my take on the will to power, a concept I was introduced to through Nietzsche’s books, in that each creature is struggling towards it, working towards it. The manifestations would seem to me to be of sufficient evidence that such a concept is viable. But I’m getting off track. In Noel’s lecture, I see thoughts on the importance of obtaining what I would term as ‘mundane’ power. It is an article on obtaining mundane power.

To taking risks, this is something I can see as being necessary in more than simple economic power. Risks do have to be taken, I am trying to push myself beyond my current boundaries after all, does that not entail some danger?

In Richard Irvine’s The Reality of Power, there is a different tact taken, in that it seems such mundane power is not deemed as valueable unless it leads to ‘real’ power.

“Mastery of others is not true power. You can have the largest army in the world, and then yes, you’ll have power. But is it true power? Does it make one enlightened? Does it help one to know truth? Does it prevent you from dying? Do not confuse yourself between temporal power and real power.”
~ Richard Irvine

What he’s saying in this lecture really sums up the value of ‘mundane’ power for me, of exercising and honing the body, of education, of financial gain, and so many other things; they become meaningless if they do not lead to spiritual power. Looking to my life, I see clearly that this is something I have been somewhat successful in applying. My High School Diploma, for instance. I was way behind on credits in my senior year because of… ah, stupidity throughout my entire freshman year. But I wasn’t going to leave BASIC, fundamental education behind with nothing to show for it because tell me, how many jobs can you get without a high school diploma? Very few, with low pay. It wouldn’t have mattered then, it doesn’t matter now, because I work in the family lawncare and gardening bussiness composed of my grandfather and myself. But it will matter in the future, in the next decade, because I want to secure a home, a domain of my own, a study/study, a work out room, a bedroom, and a living room. After that I will be looking towards college. As far as financial goals, that is my dream, my ambition. But what really gives it meaning is the spiritual implications. In having my own house(i.e. NO more renting) – and all that such entails – it will allow have sated my materialistic appetite(and I’m well aware there’ll be plenty of issues to deal with as a homeowner) so that I can shift my focus almost completely on my books, my training, my practices, and my living; in short, so I can look to furthering my boundaries more in mind, body, and spirit as they all pertain to the spirit.

“And what is power if it is not the ability to live?”
~ Richard Irvine

~ From my Training Holocron at the FA

(Written February 2nd, 2010)


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