First was the Open Training Program, a thing that is almost entirely an act of charity on the part of the Dark Aspect. I would (almost) just as soon bring it into the hidden forums that can only be accessed by members of the Aspect.

Then there was a taste of sincerity injected into the relentlessly bashed Shark Tank Mentality; and even if that had still been present, I’d say it was just an echo of what used to be there.

Next will be the half-truths that the fictional Sith were known for… along with a few other elements that pertain more specifically to my conduct and attitude towards the institution I’m supposed to be leading.

More to come, I suspect…

And on a somewhat related note, here’s a thought to part with: The path isn’t about pulling the fantastical elements down to reality, it’s about bringing them to life within your reality. I say stop focusing on making everything so down to earth and start raising the earth upwards to where you want it to be.


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