Sin With Me

Sometimes we all want to do it,
Now and then we want to be wrong.
Doing dirty deeds and inciting bitch fits,
In the righteous and the strong.

It’s such a sin to have a satisfying meal,
To feel the touch of a strange womans skin,
To get hurt so there’s actually something to heal,
And to do it all over again and again.

Don’t ignore the urges you feel,
Don’t pretend they don’t belong.
It’s the only thing that’s real,
The rythm to your life’s song.

Don’t give away your fate for someone else to seal,
Let corruption take root and truly begin.
It’ll rot whatever you say doesn’t appeal,
You’ll shed your existence as a mannequin.

It’s so liberating to sin with me,
To go against the good clean throng,
Do something bad and for yourself you’ll see,
Chase the truth and it can’t hide for long.



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