Consecratio in Atrum

A Belated Inaugural Address

The sixth leader of the Dark Aspect once stated in my training holocron that even in silence there were many lurkers, and so it was good that the training was offered in full view of the public, that it was out there to be used by anyone seeking to learn… because, quietly or not, it could be put to use by anyone that came across it. That may have even been true, but everyone was content to let the leader and his Council open things up and be generous in what was given.

The way I see it, the Sixth Dynasty was an age of transparency, a time of openly giving people the knowledge to create and feed ones inner fire. It had its time though, and few did anything but bask in the heat of the best of us, watching, observing, and remaining uninvolved and worthless to the Dark. That way of doing business has run its course.

That strong, visible, hands-on leader you’ve all grown so comfortable with is no longer here to lead you, no longer here to spoil you with his transparency, his fire is no longer yours to warm yourselves with, lean on, and feed off of. So it is that a withered, spoiled aspect begins to learn how cold and empty things can be. We are in a void ladies and gentleman.

Now it’s me you’ve got. And I am not ashamed to sit in my Ivory Tower. You’ve got nothing to count on, except that I will not feel guilty for appearing to sit on my laurels, I will not be confined by imaginary obligations to offer my fire and transparency for the sustenance of others, I will do what others have shied from. I will watch what everyone I’m supposed to lead does in the Void, and wait to see what it’s filled with.

Those that have no allegiance to the Dark Side will no longer be afforded the luxury of knowing the inner workings of our training, methods, or paths. Those that are aligned with Darkness and are willing to pay the price this path demands of those that walk it – those that are worthy – they alone will be privy to the rise of the Dark Side in this new era. Either that, or they will see its surrender to entropy.

The leadership of the Enacter has been swept away, and now is the time of the Enabler. You’ve got ideas, a dark vision of your own? Bring them to the Council privately and they will bring it to my attention. You want access to the training so that you might exploit it? It’s yours. The personal attention of Dark Knights and Masters, one-on-one training in an apprenticeship? Prove yourself worthy; we’ll be watching patiently, silently waiting to see who deserves it.

I will open doorways, I will offer you a path towards making your mark. But I promise you nothing beyond that… anything I do of my own volition should be seen for what it truly is: gratuity. I offer you no warmth of my own for your use, for it is mine and it is precious. To do so would be to dilute it. If you want the Aspect to come alive, then pour in heat of your own, be the life-blood of this place. If you will not, we’ll watch it die away united in our inaction and our silence. I leave that to each and every Dark Side practitioner to decide on for him or herself.


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