The Force Academy

Apparently, as of March 18th the Force Academy has a Facebook Page of its own: The Force Academy FB Page. Aside from the fact that no one mentioned it – before or after, it seems – and that it concerns the entire community but wasn’t talked about among key members of it (the Inner Council at the very least would have been nice), I think it looks good so far.

Included in the About section of the page is our relatively new mission statement…

The Force Academy, founded in 1998, is one of the first and oldest Jedi Communities on the internet. We are a collaborative community initiative, that studies the ineffable which we call the Force. Cultures around the world have investigated this ineffable Force, and referred to it by many names. Now, it is our turn to take the journey of piecing together the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. Through this journey of exploration, by which we enhance our awareness of the Force, our community promotes spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional maturity through discussion, debate and dedicated practice of strong values, as well as a balance of mind, body and spirit.

In a time when many are rediscovering the value of individuality and community, awakening to the significance and beauty of their own thoughts and feelings, the members of this community seek to fulfill themselves through a unified inspiration – our common belief in the Force.

The FA is home to many students of the Force, who mainly align with one of three Aspects: Light, Dark or Shadow. Each Aspect emphasizes different methods, tools and approaches to the Force, for both the Community and the Individual – resulting in a variety of spiritual paths. We welcome those who choose to follow one of the three Aspects as well as those who prefer an alternative road, regardless of religious, cultural or ethnic background.

Our community is home to generations of students and masters who work hand-in-hand to maintain a high standard of community dialogue and development. We offer personalized education programs as well as the opportunity to exchange with our seasoned members in a virtual study environment.

Prepare to question, be questioned, struggle, grow, learn about yourself and discover who you are in a true life changing endeavor.

This is our mission. Are you ready?

It’ll be interesting to see where it goes. To me, it’s a bit different than what I did creating a presence on FB for the Dark Aspect – the aspects are soveriegn elements of the Force Academy, and I’m Head of the DA. A page representing the as a whole FA, a site that overall isn’t governed under a dicatorship like certain factions of it might be at times, isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially if it becomes a habit.



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