Bellum Infinus

War unending, the constant state of conflict in life, whether subtle or blatant.

“Why What?”
“Why conflict? Why would the Force exist to foment conflict and death?”
He sighed, becoming agitated. “Because the survivors of the conflict come to understand the Force more deeply. Their understanding evolves. That is purpose enough.”
Deception, pg. 15

The idea of constant change and evolution has been seized on by plenty of people seeking to dismantle the dynamics of things that possess form. An attempt to do that, to obfuscate the value and workings of the dynamics between the Light, Dark, and Shadow aspects of the Force Academy, came about not long after I became more involved with the community.

I see it as lazy, to adopt constant evolution as the focus that overshadows all others in spiritual teachings. I accept that change is fairly constant, but change is meaningless without solidity, shape, and form. If you don’t embrace what you are, the siginificance of any changes that occur become… far less than they would otherwise be.

I think an evolution is both desirable and important, but so are other things: the elements of it that tend to get downplayed, but that make change and progression actually matter.

A caterpillar transforms, but it is first a caterpillar. That it has a form, a shape, a state of being, and that it changes drastically into another form; that is what makes it worth noting. Distinctions, drawing lines in the sand, taking a stand, and so on… those things are what make change matter. Otherwise, who the fuck cares that everything changes?

Now, backtracking to the value of bellum infinus – in whatever intensity or level of awareness – there is such a thing as atrophy. I’ve talked about it ad naseum many, many times. Peace and an illusion of safety leads to a comfortable, seemingly safe enviroment and enables a quick slide to atrophy. Expect poison (that can kill you in the worst way, in spirit) from the standing water.


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