Baby Piranha’s

“Yet, at the same time, through all of their individuality, through all of their ruthlessness and cunning, they still have within them the other side of the wolf—the side that you rarely see. The side that works towards the nurturing and education of ones young.”


“You can sing it with me
We’re from America
we don’t like to kill our unborn
we need them to grow up
and fight our wars.”
~Marilyn Manson

This right here… the essence of the argument for quantity? A part of it at least. Fresh, baby piranha’s. You can’t cull the weak from a herd or encourage the strong and point them out when there is nothing to cull from.

The potential rise of the strong justifies an allowance for the weak, when it comes to community. This might be a very, very small concern at the moment… just a random note.



  1. If I recall, its when things are young that they are usually culled. Each species has so many young at a certain rate to give a better degree of chance to survival of its species. Out of how many young are produced less than half (if that) are expected to survive, which is why they are the strong.

    Now, in the communities the fact is that we don’t have an influx of young, you get one or two at most. Hence the quantity is lacking from the get go. If those that are starving( for whatever there coming to a community for) are greater then the influx of foodsource, then the results are cannibalism. The allowence for such drops to nil.

    Hell, parents will even eat there young.

    1. Hell, even parents will eatvtyere young at that point.

      This is not an arguement against quantity, just that the quantity doesn’t exist where it is needed.

    2. Unlike the other animals we compare ourselves to though, we have the capacity to choose how, when, at what point in development, etc. to cull. And a species might be stronger still if it allows the weak to get as strong as they’re going to before getting rid of them, thereby giving the oppuruntity of survival and continued growth to survivors of the culling. It’s a matter of timing, and if it’s a mistake not to have culled a few, it can always be rectified. Waiting, tolerating the existence of weaker people to a point, leaves you with the *option* to cull, whereas doing it offhand or right off the bat takes away the option.

      With influx of younger members (or lack thereof)… I’ve been wondering, is that because we feel so high and mighty we don’t bother concerning ourselves with them, appealing to them? Places like the FA used to be mostly younger people, myself included. Now though, I’m one of the youngest and I’m aging just like the rest of the community at large. Even if culling the weak shortly after their “birth” (i.e. registering and saying hello) is still a viable approach, we don’t exactly allow for an enviroment that would easily allow for such a “birth” in the first place. Our progressions on an individual level are reflected in who we seem to make our target audience and maybe it’s this, at least in part, that’s cutting off our food supply and our ability to “reproduce”.

      The cannabilistic element does seem to be present, and might be a part of what doesn’t appeal to people that might be like what *we* used to be like. Which is why I say leave them alone, and if one must take bites out of others for sustenance then at least have the discipline to guide and direct that hunger towards other cannabals. For myself, I admit to cannabalistic tendencies, but when it comes to the metaphor of the shark… that’s not what I am. I’ve always been a dragon.

      1. My argument is for quantity and quality; I want my cake and to eat it.

        Why cull the weak simply for it’s own sake? They still have value and only a fool will waste potential resources; is it not better to keep your food source alive and fresh? Maybe milk them from time to time or gather their eggs and young for the table! When they have served their purpose then cull them or sacrifice them for a goal. In this way quantity is valued (the herd) by quality (the strong, capable and cunning).

        I am not a shark, a piraña or a dragon, I am simply a man.

  2. Anyway 9 times out of 10 the so called weak will naturally cull themselves.

    The real art and difficulty is in keeping them around long enough to ulitmately serve your purpose. From such minnows a few will grow and possibly have sufficient ability to make a name for themselves and shape reality to their will through the achievement of their own goals!

  3. “cannabalism”; hell our own body will even eat itself (muscles) when experiencing catabolic states this leads to eventual atrophy! A fine example (and strong case) of cannabalism influencing atrophy.

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