Fragments Old & New

To truly accomplish anything worthwhile, sacrifices must be made. Be sure they’re not meaningless. | Explains… | Yes, the Dark Side corrupts. For those that dedicate themselves to embodying it, the price is often high; I say, get your moneys worth.

  • We’re all born bright and shiny, but few develop the true gravity of a Dead Star fallen in upon itself.
  • “Strength that is never touched by ruthlessness is touchingly irresponsible.”
    ~Darth Vectivus
  • The Dark Path is one of solitude and, at times, loneliness. I know what Solus Sum means, and so too might you… Soon.
  • The Death of a Star can mean the Birth of a Sith.
  • Be mindful of the price you’re willing to pay for power.
  • “If you truly wish to stand as a symbol of the dark side and a protector of its lore, then you must act after what you learn.”
    ~Darth Moor
  • Choice is the agent through which power is exercised; and we all have the power of choice, in every aspect of our lives.

I offer you no warmth of my own for your use, for it is mine and it is precious. To do so would be to dilute it. | Relates to… | Adversity, stryfe, and hardship, whether inner or outer, are forces that ignite our passion.


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