Motion Sickness

(Notes :: Unrefined, Rough Thoughts)

“From fury, refined and harnessed, comes a hate that is unabashed and change-loving, hurtling forwards, moving ever onwards due to the greater awareness that hate brings.”
~Darth Moor, Sith Lord

Moor, and many other advocates of the FA’s first Dark Dynasty, believed that hatred and anger were emotions of greater motion; the formerly common associations of the Dark Side and death, destruction, chaos, etc. probably tie into this quite neatly. The more I look at my own life, the supposedly “obsolete” teachings that used to be prevalent, the more I’m convinced there’s good reason for these connections/associations/relations.

Have you ever noticed that in Light teachings – whether drawn from Buddhism Christianity, Dogma’s concerned with practices of ‘White Magick’, Jedi Realism, and so on – they all aim for a stagnancy and stillness?… the primary difference being the details of the dogma and how overt (or subtle) the end goal is.

“The Force will change you. It will transform you. Some fear this change. The teachings of the Jedi are focused on fighting and controlling this transformation. That is why those who serve the light are limited in what they accomplish.”
~Darth Revan, (Fiction) Sith Lord

Servants of the Light, advocates of peace, proponents of altruism and service to others; they seem to seek a metaphysical and – eventually – a material Stasis. No Motion.

Buddhists seek Nirvana, if I’m not mistaken; they believe in and seek to halt the cycle of reincarnation – in my eyes, they seek nothingness, they want to End themselves. Christianity’s Heaven, the perfect place, a persons eternal reward for living the good life… I can’t see the point, what’s a life worth without the threat of losing it, without the turbulence that makes it engaging?

Slow-Mo-Tion is better than No Motion I think, but that’s a formula for mediocrity in the long run, only for those (hopefully rare) occassions when the wicked are dangerously close to thinking they can rest at long last. And if it’s frequent, I believe one should try to decrease the frequency of moving through life in Slow-Mo-Tion by seeking greater motion. How? There’s probably plenty of ways. One I’m familiar with: Emotively.

“The greatest cycle that the individual may enter, the one that brings with it the most growth to the soul and the body, the one that creates the most beauty to the outer and inner world is not one of blind love but one of discontent hatred followed with a period of cherishing and enjoyment of that which you have created, followed again with discontent hatred.”
~Darth Moor

Which brings me to Motion Sickness. Sometimes it’s about pain, about being spiritually wounded; this is where Dark Side Healing and its application to ones self becomes far more worth delving into imo. Other times it’s about a loss of momentum, from being tired of constant forward motion; it’s in these times that I say Slow-Mo-Tion is better than none at all. But while an individual might get Motion Sickness, it doesn’t mean you should look for a way to stop movement; instead, it means looking for a way to re-enter the cycle.

(Written March 25th, 2012)


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