Achilles’ Heel

The video below was done by a woman known as Loreleila – among other names.

Some of my own thoughts…

There are recurring mistakes, shortcomings, that seem to have been overcome, tendencies I’ve successfuly altered, that come back to haunt me up to this very day. Stubbornly refusing to stay dead.

I think an Individual has a certain field of gravity, and the more powerful a person becomes, the stronger his or her pull; extending that line of thought, I tend to think that we reach out – sometimes consciously, other times without an awareness that we’re doing so – and pull towards ourselves situations, struggles, lessons that we as individuals, on some subversive, subconscious level, feel need to recur.

When it comes to something like the Achilles Heel Loreleila talks about, it’s usually unconsciously, and the reasons for why we pull certain things inwards, into our field of perception and into a position where we’re forced to confront and deal with whatever a given thing may be, is beyond (or, more accurately, below) ones current level of awareness and perception.

Looking at the meaning derived from the mythology of Achilles, his heel was his fatal weakness despite his overall strength. As it relates to the individual – you, me, whoever – it could refer to one notable weakness that just won’t seem to go away, or many; I don’t think it’s necessarily confined to being a single thing. In the context of my spirituality though, a weakness that leads to downfall is only as devastating as the person is weak. You can fall and stay down, or rise from the ashes stronger than before, more aware of a particular ‘weakness’. It’s simple, really.

I don’t think that really answers much of anything, I still can’t say for sure why we have such weaknesses, or come up with a definitive, full-proof answer as to how they can be dealt with, just a few thoughts, some speculation, and theorizing.


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