A Dark Blurb

I said in the last blurb that I’ll probably (intentionally) be using the term “Dark Side” instead of “Dark” or “Darkness”. I might also talk about the boundaries of mortality at some point, advocate older teachings (perhaps of embracing hatred, resentment, anger). Is it because that’s what I believe, what I’m living? Maybe, maybe not, but the fact is… it doesn’t matter one way or the other, it’s not entirely about me, it’s about my ambitions, and those reach outwards in many different ways. Some of the most self-centered things I’ve ever done have had seemingly “selfless” motives. The Order of the Sith has led to others flourishing, and to stones unturned in my own explorations that I might never have even bothered to look at. Facilitating the organic growth of other individuals different from me… benefited me; hell, continues to benefit me. 

With teachings, conversation, etc. I might say things that are misleading. Believe I’m acting in the best interest of the Dark Aspect, or don’t. I’d prefer the former, but few Darksiders are partial to faith. That having been said, I never planned to keep everyone in the dark, not completely. I’ve thought about it, but eventually someone would fill the void of leadership I created, which would get in the way of what I am trying to do at this point in the game. The degree of me silence concerning certain members has been temporary… just a step ladies and gents, a single step, and I’m not about to stop walking any time soon.

That doesn’t mean I plan to open up or share everything; just that select individuals will be privy to more than others. That may (more often than not) include the entire Council or, if I don’t feel that would work in certain instances, only with certain key members of the Dark Aspect. There’s options on the table… who knows what I’ll do lol? And it really depends on the context (i.e. subject, situation, etc.) anyways.



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