Beyond Redemption

I bet you thought you could save me,
But at some point you’ll see,
It’s a simple one plus two equals three.

Believe what you want,
but eventually,
You’ll have to admit
That this is me.

Get over it.

It doesn’t have to be such a chore,
Just open the door, I’ve Given you the key.

Add up the numbers, just basic math.

I know what you wanted to believe,
But you need to get over it.
I’m lost and it’s past time to grieve.
That lieing to yourself needs to quit,
It’s only been you that you’ve set out to deceive.

My self-abusing, liar loving whore,
Just do the math, open the door.

And walk away.

(Rough Version :: Written ?-?-?)



    1. lol, I suppose it could be looked at that way. It could also apply as a message from one to another in a relationship that’s not working out, or it could apply to the old relgious zealots… Or, alternatively, it could be looked at as something said from someone like me to someone like you. Whatever you prefer.

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