The Dark Wiki

Buyer beware! This is a collection of writings produced over the course of a decade by a diverse range of individuals.

Main Page
Archive of Lectures Presented in the Dark Lecture Hall
Archive of Writings Grouped by Author

This archive is provided for the purpose of study and reflection, and not in order to demonstrate a current school of thought. Many lectures reflect past interests that are no longer represented within the community.

The above is a brief sort of index linking to the Wiki archive of the Force Academy’s Dark Aspect. The text above and below the links was originally written by Richard Irvine as a part of those archives, and was adapted for use in the private dark training forums in pretty much the same form as seen above.

Credit goes to Irvine for the original text, as well as for the formatting and the initial transfer of material to the (newer) wiki archive.

Of note: the links will be there so it’s in an easy to find, accessible place for members of the Dark Aspect Student usergroup (info here); however, it was the first thing posted so that it would eventually be at the bottom of a list of threads within the information center. I feel it’s important, but in relation to active training it is of less importance than other threads that will be put there.


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