Paper, Ink, & Pixels

There’s a sort of process to the way I used to write lectures; way back in the ‘early days’, going as far as ‘Power, Arrogance, and Corruption’ – which, if I’m remembering right, was my first attempt at writing lectures – I can’t say what exactly I did. What’s most likely is that I just wrote it spontaneously one day when the inspiration hit me, touched it up as I transfered it from paper to pixels, and posted it.

If I really think about it, it’s strange how the hand-written element went by the wayside for so long… that’s changed over the last few months of course, but for awhile there I wasn’t using paper and ink for much of anything.

I think it’s a good way of going about it, really; to use paper and ink first always provides for oppurtunity to change it as you type it out, to get a feel for the flow of it, and to touch it up as you re-read in the transference from a physical template to a virtual one. It’s still not something I do all the time, nor would I want to. But it’s still a good little process I thought worth noting.


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