Lectures at the FA

When it comes to lectures being posted and shared by members at large in the Force Academy, I can’t say for sure how it used to be done; the old, original web board is gone as far as I know, and I had only been there a short while before it went down and everyone moved to the new, ‘modern’ forum. But I get the feeling a lot of them may have been posted in the discussion forums.

In fact, I think the tendency to confine posting of such things as lectures… it’s probably a bleed over from what’s been done at the Order for the last few years (among other possible sources that encourage that approach). I don’t think that’s really all that great of an idea though, so I changed the format of the Dark Lecture Hall.

Lecture Hall
The Dark Lecture Hall, presented and maintained by the Dark Council.

Soliloquies, Monologues, and Asides
A Collection of lectures from the Dark Side, produced by and harvested from the general populace.

One section confined to lectures that will (hopefully) be composed by the Dark Council and reflect both diversity and coherency. The idea is that what goes into the main Lecture Hall, and what is kept out of it, is more deliberate, focused. The other section would consist of lectures plucked from the discussion forums and holocrons, assuming people start a trend of posting lectures there as opening posts for at least some of the threads they start.

Versatile, or so it’s designed to be. If used well, I think the architecture is there for spontaniety and chaos as well as for a more thought out representation, even if a little chaotic in and of itself by virtue of diverse people. One thing I’m fairly sure of when it comes to what will actually go in: nothing from the past, only lectures, monologues, asides, etc. written since the establishment of the new layout.


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