Circles and Spirals

When your a child, something’s given to you to carry.
A gift from someone for you to keep and use.
It’s revered, a gift you’re supposed to cherish and marry.

Then it doesn’t work right one day.
Something seems to be wrong but you can’t tell what.
It won’t work at all anymore.

So you decide to do something new with it.
Anger, hatred, spite all whisper to you.
They say a lot of new things at first, and this is where it starts.

Destroy it because it wasn’t as valuable as you once believed.
Create so you have something new to value.
Value it enough that its destruction leaves you bereaved.

Eventually it becomes familiar and you see recurrence.
What you just did has happened before.
And the voices are snickering because they know, it’ll happen again.

Destroy so you have pain, emotions, a challenge.
When it’s gone, create so you have something new to value.
Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Hopefully this is a spiral; even if it’s pointless either way…
At least spirals go up and down.
Circles alone would just spin you around.

Cycles are circles; to evolve (or devolve) is to spiral.

(Second Edition | Reworked May 16th, 2012)



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