Fragments On Gravity

Why does dark side power always seem drawn to the depths? he wondered. Is there something intrinsic that associates it with deep places, the gorges, the cracks?
(Jacen Solo – thoughts, Betrayal | Excerpt, pgs. 357-358)

“The death of a star – falling in upon itself – takes place in those of strength; those to weak are consumed. This is the begining of insatiable hunger, ambitions, wants, passion; and it is the end of contentment, rest, peace. The individual becomes a black hole, and has lost all convention, all comfort, for having dispelled the light that had once constituted his being.”
(The Honesty of Darkness | Excerpt)

“I think an Individual has a certain field of [energetic, mystical] gravity, and the more powerful a person becomes, the stronger his or her pull; extending that line of thought, I tend to think that we reach out – sometimes consciously, other times without an awareness that we’re doing so – and pull towards ourselves situations, struggles, lessons that we as individuals, on some subversive, subconscious level, feel need to recur.”
(Achilles’ Heel | Excerpt)

“It takes more than you’d think though. It takes having gravity as an individuated being, pulling circumstances, situations, and events towards oneself that make life difficult; it takes passing through the ordeal alive (which is sometimes referred to as ‘unscathed’, but every such experience is liable to leave a scar) and using what you’ve learned. It takes doing it over again, and again, and again, ’till you dried up, dead, and buried.”
(What It Takes | Excerpt)

“Darkness becomes concentrated in the same way a planet takes shape. Gravity is already there, and so the raw elements begin the process of forming into a distinct form. Earth was formed by gravity, is subject to it, is arguably a manifestation of it, and has gravity of its own in a way. So it is with the Individual. So too with the Dark Side.”
(A Random Fragment on Gravity, The Individual, and Darkness)

“The true nature of passion, is to burn first, and then to pull inward, to bring that for which you burn closer to you. Like a Star that burns first ever brighter only to collapse into Darkness and pull to the point that not even space and time can ignore or resist its call.”
(Life of a Star by Khaos | Excerpt)



    1. Here’s what I think. The question isn’t whether I’m weak Smite, not when it comes to you. Rather, it is this: what concern is it of yours? I wrote up a little something awhile ago and saved it as a draft; it’s about gnats, thinking they’re clever, buzzing about people under the pretense of helping them, but mainly doing it for their own sustenance. Perhaps capable of helping along those that see them as friends, fellows, peers, what have you, but ultimately amounting to little more than a mild annoyance to those that grow to see them as gnats. I think it might interest you, if/when I decide to post it here. It’s relevant, but not limited (to you).

    1. For the sake of clarity, the question rephrased: “What did you originally consider yourself weak for?”…

      I think… in a lot of ways, it comes down to what I believe. Once upon a time, I didn’t believe I had the power to change things or create, only to cope with, react to, and deal with what was given (by my Mom early on, by my Dad further down the road, by my grandparents, my teachers, even my friends, and so on). The way I see it, I’ve been tainted with that doubt in myself, the lack of confidence, for a long time, but to gradually weakening degrees. Am I still weak? One the one hand, I believe we’re all weak to varying degrees so yes. But that’s with the understanding that we all have doubts, hesitations, moments of despair, qualities we feel are weaknesses, or whatever else… we are all weak to an extent in that regard. But if I really give a straight, simple answer to that question in context (of myself) am I ‘still’ weak? No.

      That being said, don’t expect public sharings of my own personal examinations very often, they are mine; my concern, my responsibility.

      1. No, I don’t expect any personal explainations or examinations , I just thought it was a weird question in terms of the blog post. Very random.

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