Treachery Is Everywhere

The following pertains to a discussion at the FA entitled The Treachery of Language. Questions arose concerning the negativity of the title, and the supposed focus on weakness instead of empowerment. The assertion was made that the discussion was titled/labeled in a “dis-empowering” way. 

My opinion on the title being “dis-empowering”…

Treachery is everywhere. The world is a treacherous place.
And I believe treachery is, in fact, empowering.
So many contradictions in life.
So many dissonant situations, conversations, events, people, beliefs, etc.

“That’s why you must always remain receptive to the currents of the Dark Side, because no matter how nimble you are, or think you are, the Force will show you no pity.”
-Darth Plagueis



  1. You say you believe in the empowerment of treachery but have you experience of it?

    How does treachery empower you? Does this apply to both using it and being on the receiving end of it?

    1. I would say we all have experience of it, in the same way we all have experience of conflict, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. So, to clarify, it’s not so much the treachery itself as empowering, but the realization of its pervasive, unavoidable presence, the awareness of it. Just like with nihilism. It might seem at first like a sentiment of despair that nothing matters, or as with treachery, that nothing – with the possible exception of oneself (?) – can be *completely* relied upon/trusted. But I don’t see it that way; rather, it’s empowering, because it is what it is, and it leaves you not just with the idea that nothing really matters or that no footing can be trusted as entirely firm or reliable… but also with the idea that you can *decide* what matters, and that the treachery of the world can be both embraced and perhaps even embodied.

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