A Tool For Victory

(Written July 27th, 2010)

You know, I didn’t like the S.M.A.R.T. Goal format the first time I came across it, I didn’t like it when it was presented as a tool to an apprentice (Ashton) at OoTS the first time. And even when I read it in the core foundations lesson on victory here at the FA, I didn’t feel great about getting to a point in my training where I would become acquainted with it through experience. But as I read Miles’ lecture preceding the lesson, I could see finally how passion fit in to this highly intellectualized tool.

Khaos’s Lesson on Victory though, that made me look forward to setting goals and going after them. I tasted passion in Miles’ foundation lesson/lecture, but it permeated the one Khaos wrote. Presenting them together worked beautifully in my opinion, one felt intellect oriented, the other heart oriented. They were complimentary.

That’s what matters, the feeling (i.e. passion, emotion) aspect of it, it makes victory worth pursuing, it makes the attainment count for something.

My goals started to feel deadened a few days ago, well-thought out, but not driven. I lost touch with the reason for victory through to much reasoning. In the process of getting back ‘on track’ I got back in touch with my fire. That is part of what prompted me to write about this.

This corresponds to competence and passion as touched upon by Cole in Watchwords for the Adept. I didn’t feel there was much to add to that, I agree with just about all of it. I say it corresponds… the marriage of passion and reason, as I like to put it; and the key to progression (two-fold) is passion and competence, as Cole put it. Things like this evoke a feeling of validation when someone I respect tries to convey a similar message to what I feel, to what I’ve experienced, and what I’ve come to understand on my own.

Being guided by passion and guiding passion with reason in a competent, victorious manner… The relationship between these two things could very well be another way of seeing strength in that. I question how important spelling out that insight is, it’s just another way of saying something I’ve already said; but I feel this is a better understanding in how reason comes into play and relates to other foundations beyond passion. More refined maybe.

~ From my Training Holocron at the FA

(Written July 27th, 2010)


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