In and Out of Sync

I have a habit of keeping up with what everyone else is doing, saying, etc. online.

I keep up with Khaos’s radio show (along with a few of the other ones), (had kept up) with Luciana’s blog posts, with what’s said at the Order and the Force Academy, I usually read the posts from blogs I’ve subscribed to, and I generally don’t ignore FB friends. That last one’s easier than one might think; I haven’t friended very many people unless I thought there would be mutual interest in wall posts, music, opinions… and so on.

Anyways, something that happens quite a bit is that I seem to be in sync with current streams of thought or even experiences that belong to members of the community. We kind of feed off of each other. I was surpised by this when I discovered (way, way back) that Miles’ exploration of Tea Ceremony was sparked, in part, by my ritualization of tending to, trimming, and shaping shrubbery.

It wasn’t so much that I was unaware of the occasional synchronity, or that I hadn’t encountered it… looking back, from where I stand now, and looking at other instances of this, we really do feed off of each other a lot. At times…. far too much

Sometimes it’s completely ‘coincidental’, I’ll be thinking about something, go to make a post and see that someone who’s been quiet for months wrote about similar issues/subjects in their journal or else already started a thread on it. But still, other times it’s probably because we tend to keep track of each other and the natural progression from one thing to another leads us to similar ruminations and musings. 

Yet some of our best work, individually, is when there’s some distance, when someone blindsides you with a lecture, a journal entry, or just some small insight you weren’t expecting. This isn’t always the case, but at least with me I find that the best work within the online communities seems to come from being out of sync with others to some degree. Not always, and maybe not even mostly, but very often.

(Written March 30th, 2012)


One comment

  1. Just like major religions and cuisines, some things are taken, borrowed and re-adapted. It’s probably a case of everyone else bouncing off and reflecting each other in small fragments and this is the reason why when you give people the same topic and they will give different opinions on the same subject or give something similar with something slightly different ground into the dirt.

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