Snippets, Quotes, Etc.

The post your reading right now is the same kind of format I’ve been using the whole time I’ve had Maleficus Amor (the Standard format). However, I’ve recently stumbled onto a feature I was previously unaware of on this blog, a different format called an Aside. It doesn’t show up as a featured post on the main page when it’s posted; instead, it shows up as a little snippet under the latest/featured post. Having discovered this little extra brought up a few ideas I’d been kicking around, (only) two of which I’ll give mention to.

First, if you follow me on twitter (@DDraconis) or you’ve read much of my FA Holocron (Musings Of A Darksider), it might be apparent that I have a soft spot for quotations that speak to me, or that touch on things I believe in – especially things, insights, assertions, experiences, etc. that I’m familiar with firsthand. Given my fondness for them, they might start appearing here in the aforementioned Aside format (at least once or twice, as I try it out). I don’t know if I’ll keep using the format after I’ve gotten a feel for it, but I figure it’s worth playing around with a little.

Secondly, besides my fondness for the fragments of other individuals (i.e. quotations), fragments of my own ‘works in progress’ or ‘abandoned/unreleased writings’ might be shared as Asides. These could very easily be bits and pieces thrown out there as small fragments of something, of (or as) rough edits, tiny selections from early versions, or just extremely vague little snippets (all depending on what I feel like doing when, or if, I post any of them).

To give an idea of what I mean, some of it would be akin to I Am Among No One (Excerpt From An Undisclosed Song With An Unreleased Title), which was an intentionally distorted, brief preview of a song (eventually revealed to be a teaser of Hey, Cruel World…). Another very recent example that might give an idea of what I might designate as an Aside, from my own posts here, would be Even The Brightest, an excerpt of something I wrote a few years ago and just kind of abandoned.

Like I said, it’s a feature that’s new to me and I feel like trying it out; I don’t know if I’ll do this very often, and if I end up liking it at all there’s no promise of any regularity, and I might change how I do it at a whim.

And as to the “Etc.” part of this posts title, I wanted to address the commenting; all I really want to say about it is this: keep in mind, this site is a playground for me… I read comments, often reply to them, but if I don’t it’s not because I ignore them, it’s just I don’t feel like making this virtual place into a platform of discussion. ‘Tis an amphitheatre of monologues, asides, soliloquies, and things of the like… scribblings on a virtual notebook.

(Fyi, everything in this post is more me giving a heads up to anyone that might care or be interested than it is anything else.)



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