A Dark Blurb

The Dark Council of the FA has, as of June 14th, been re-established. Members currently serving are David Edge, Seti I Shadim, Axael, and myself. Others may be asked – or may ask – to serve, in time, but that will come with time, if it does indeed come at all. For now, the council consists of these members and will be closed to all but those that are invited. 

Another array of the Open Training – offered indiscriminately to guests and members of other aspects alike – is under way as of June 15th with Ashton’s Anger (Inner Feelings) Meditation. And though it’s my hope to eventually facilitate the presence and use of various training programs, the one that will be made available to students is none other than Yami Doko, envisioned and created by Khaos, former Head of the Dark Aspect (with contributions from Miles).

And, speaking of Khaos, his latest Dissonance show was yesterday (The Veneer Of Civility and Becoming A Predator), which I highly recommend. For those that might be unaware, since KoA’s transition from Blog Talk Radio to their independent website the way you go about downloading the shows has changed, but it’s still doable.

Whereas Blog Talk Radio offered a streamlined, more convenient method, there are a few extra steps with the independently housed, newer shows. Right clicking the audio files linked to in the archives will bring up a number of options. Find Save Target As… and click that option, save it to whatever folder you want, and you’ve got it on your computer.

I like to listen to them on my iPod most of the time, personally. If you want to make it accessible via your iTunes library, go to your files, find a show you’ve downloaded, right click them (one at a time) and look for the option to Open with. If you have iTunes on your computer, that should come up as one of the programs you can open the audio file with. Click it. You’ll have to do this with each file, but it’s a quick process once you get a feel for it.

After it’s in your iTunes library, you can edit the info (show titles, track numbers, etc.) to organize the episodes if you want. If any of that’s unclear… that’s a bummer. lol, I figured I’d be nice and explain it to people that might not have figured it out yet, but I’m not exactly the most tech savy guy and I don’t want to bang my head on the wall trying to explain it further. It’s pretty simple, really.

On another note…

Sinister Arcanum :: The title of a pet project I haven’t shared anything of. A lot of what it involves will probably be familiar to those darkies that’ve been around for awhile, assuming they ever see it. I’m not sure if it’ll go anywhere, but we’ll see.



    1. I think you’ll like it 🙂 . It won’t be ‘finished’, it’ll probably get added to continuously over time unless I get bored with it, but I want to get enough added/collated to make it worth checking out.

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