Defeating Weaker Beings

“What is the point of defeating someone weak?”

Sometimes it’s just necessary to do it, to “defeat someone weak”, or put another way, to remove the impediment they might represent to your goals. This line of thought reminds me of a lesson Darth Caedus emphasized with Tahiri Veila, his apprentice at that point in the mythos, when he assigned her to liaise aboard Admiral Pellaeon’s ship and to ‘stop’ him if he interfered with Caedus’s plans for the Battle of Fondor…

“Some deaths… some sacrifices are necessary, no matter how callous they may appear.”
~Darth Caedus

For Caedus, it was an important lesson. Earlier in the Legacy of the Force books/era, he’d come to an understanding of it in anticipation of the sacrifice that would mark his transition from Jacen Solo, Jedi Knight and Sith Apprentice, to Darth Caedus, Lord of the Sith.

He’d mused that the dirty work wasn’t pretty, that it was easier to be the hero, killing a big, horrible villain would leave him with adoration, admiration, but to realize his Vision for the galaxy, to do what was necessary to bring that to fruition, things had to be done that others would come to hate him for, and that that was the price for doing what was necessary. He believed it took a greater strength to carry out the thankless, dirty tasks that needed doing if he was to accomplish anything meaningful.

On the flip side of that, defeating someone weaker than you is probably meaningless if you’re not also willing to go toe to toe with someone of contemporary or greater strength than oneself. In the context of the example I’m using with Caedus, he was already well-seasoned in the “noble”, “good” way of confronting those as strong or stronger than him, and that was probably best illustrated in his confrontation with Luke Skywalker shortly after he’d been christened as a Sith Lord.

Point being that yes, if all you do is go after people weaker than you, especially if you’re trying to make people think your a bad-ass because you can kick a scrawny nerds ass any day of the week, that’s probably pointless and, more importantly, reflects how weak such a person really is. But that hardly means you should be merciful or kind simply for the sake of being “good”. You might have the moral high ground that way, but that’s also a good way to hold yourself back from what you could do with your life and ambitions. Besides, having the moral high ground is over-rated.

A few of my thoughts on that anyways.



  1. Lol, reminds me of something said in Dartboard’s Revan’s holocron. Enough weak people can overthrow one strong person.

    There’s also the thought if one considers “defeat ” relevant in regards to subject matter. Or is it just a matter of removing an obstacle /impediment.

    1. Yeah, I think it depends a lot on the context. There’s also that if you want to be ‘recognized’ as strong in an institution, community, or established hierarchy of any sort, the weak have their place at the base of the pyramid. As far as (more) fictional examples go, just look at Kaan’s brotherhood, at Sidious when he was on the rise and after he became emperor… being liked, respected, etc., in some way influencing the bottom of a pyramid, you can move the whole thing, broadly speaking.

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