Keeping A Journal

I tend to keep an ‘all-purpose’ journal. It serves as kind of a diary sometimes, a notebook like Richard Irvine decribed (for research, or specific focuses, exercises, etc.), a training holocron, and so on. From time to time use it with a clear purpose, and sometimes that purpose changes or else becomes simply that I felt like writing something down, whether a random insight, a recounting of the day and my thoughts on some of it… It’s a flexible thing for me.

Some of it becomes the rough material for essays or lectures, others are just little fragments, and some writings just stay in my journal and are sometimes expanded on in it.

It’s not really something I succeed or fail at though. When I write, I write, and if I don’t feel like it then it’s not a problem. Inspiration to write, whether for a specific purpose at the time or for simply ‘journaling’, is like a bed of flowers. Sometimes they’re all blossoming and I write quite a lot in it, other times, they’re all wilted and inactive, and I don’t write much save for the occasional blossom.

One of the first things I wrote in my most recent journal before I started writing in it, in a pointedly odd place toward the back, was: “A Blank Slate, Scarred by my Scribbling”. A sort of reminder that to myself the ink, the lines, letters, words, screw-ups, etc. are the scars I’ve imparted on the journal, just as mine have been imparted onto me by life.

I usually use composition books you can get almost anywhere for $1-$2, and I used cheap, generic BIC pens, but my newest one is a hardcover with thicker, more elegant paper, and I’ve started using slightly different quality pens that work better with it. It’s altogether more elegant than what I’ve used in the past. And the change coincided nicely with everything else (becoming head of the aspect especially I think). It matches the aesthetic of the era.

I’ve also taken to titling them, loosely based on the overall era they cover, and the last comp. book I filled to the last page was titled after an unfinished body of work entitled ‘Evolutio In Atrum’ to kind of denote what the times covered, and what the journal overall seems to be to me looking back on it. And since then, I’ve started using ‘working titles’, and as far as my current one it will either remain untitled or will be given one once it’s filled up.

(Taken from a discussion at the FA)

Keeping a journal used to be encouraged at places like the Force Academy, and I was wondering… how many of you out there have one? Do you use it regularly? And what do you use it for/how do you use it? (And by “journal”, I mean like an offline journal.) If you want to post answers to any of those questions, you can go to the thread I started at the Force Academy or your own blog or something… I’m not really to keen on the idea of discussing it here in a series of comments.


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  1. I’ve tried to keep journals at various times in my life but rarely stayed with it for long. However, I did keep journals on several trips I took. At the end of each day, I would write about the days sights and events. It is amazing how all of the little details come running back to me when I pull one of those journals out and read it – wonderful little moments that would have been lost in my memory if I hadn’t bothered to write them down.

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