The Sanctity Of Titles

The following words are semi-focused ruminations on titles, their potential sanctity, their worth, and so on…

“It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.”
~ Machiavelli

There are many titles used in the forums I frequent, and some have openly criticized them as pointless, grandiose, or silly. They can be, especially if such things are measured by how many people decide to give them credence or take them seriously. But these are not the ways in which I would recommend a person measure the value or validity of their titles, or the titles held by others.

When others agree that the ones attached to you should be yours, that you deserve to ‘wear’ them, it’s because they’re respecting your judgement or the judgement of those that recognized you as worthy, and it means they believe you live up to their idea of what a particular title is supposed to denote. But that shouldn’t dictate whether you see yourself as living up to the ideal of it.

Titles like Lord of the Sith, Dark Master, and others like these (in whatever hierarchies or places they may appear), are all sacred to me in their own way. And to others that value them and attribute them to me, either by agreement with my claim or as something they see me as due to the meaning it has for them regardless of what I call myself… it’s usually (rightfully) appreciated, but even for members of groups that place value in it, it’s most important that the individual sees value in the titles he asribes to. Otherwise, it means nothing. 

The question to ask is: do they mean anything to you? To offer a personal example of a title I stand by… ‘Darth’ is one seldom used by serious practitioners these days, but it means a lot to me. It implies my origins, the resonance – or perhaps a better word would be reverence – I have with – and for – the lore. The stories, and the title that indisputably ties me to them in the eyes of those that see my name, is sacred to me. If you want to know a bit about the underlying implications I see in using it as a worthwhile title, I wrote a bit about it when I was interested in numerology: Numerology & The Darth Title.

Ranks are, in some ways, an entirely different animal. But in the context of communities like Order of the Sith or the Force Academy, the lines between them are a bit blurry. Sith Knight at OotS, for instance, is simultaneously a rank and a title in some respects, in that there’s an ideal associated with it (title) along with responsibilities and perks (account permissions set to allow posting in the Lecture forum, the option to take on an apprentice, defining and setting an example of what a Knight is/does/looks like, etc.).

(Reflecting On Titles | Rought Ideas/Thoughts | ref. On Titles and Things)


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