A Dark Blurb

I mentioned a side-project I was playing around with in the last little blurb I posted: “Sinister Arcanum :: The title of a pet project I haven’t shared anything of. A lot of what it involves will probably be familiar to those darkies that’ve been around for awhile, assuming they ever see it. I’m not sure if it’ll go anywhere, but we’ll see.” Today seemed like a fitting day to unveil it. Some might care to notice, it has similarities to projects of the past. There were a number of things that I could name as partial influences on it, such as the Dark Holocron (which was arguably a precursor), the structure of the Dark Lecture Hall (both in the changes people can already see and the tweaks not yet implimented), and some of my more esoteric interests, among other things.

If it were to be compared to the Dark Holocron, I’d say it’s perhaps… a leaner, more sophisticated rendition of what I’d originally envisioned. Additions to it will be at my liesure. It’s got a little something extra here and there to, but you probably wouldn’t know it without having done a fair bit of research into past writings of Sith Realists and other Darksiders. Consider it a treat for the more discerning practitioners, the ones that might remember coming across certain pieces in the past but have since been unable to find them. 

Relating directly to the Force Academy and, more specifically, the Dark Aspect… I posted a training annoucement. There are other interesting people I’d like to work with, of course, but at this point in time it won’t be in the form of an apprenticeship because the announcment marks the beginning of one with The Oncoming Storm. And, speaking of him, I think anybody that reads this might find his new site to be of interest: Indolence and Intolerance. A word to the wise, “Please be sure to read our mission statement before entry, and remember that this community is Restricted To Adults.” So say the first few lines directly above the Mission Statement.

While I’m mentioning other sites here and there, I don’t see any reason not to mention Peragro Umbrae. To tell the truth, I’ve been mulling over a way to slip this into one of my posts since I first came across it. I’m not sure exactly what aspect or alignment, if any, she might be interested in at the moment, but if you ask me most of what Lee Obscurae Tempest has written there – particularly up ’till the end of June – were decidedly dark in orientation. If you pay attention to the categories found to the right of the pages and posts, you’ll get a better sense of how and why things are titles and organized they way they are. There’s also another site called Someone Wicked; The Stygian Traveller, centering around “God, gods, and the Force” as it were, in which William Kaede has posted his some of his writings, and will probably post more.

Lastly, an fyi to those that care: I’ll probably be posting Khaos’s training program, Yami Doko, in the Dark Training forums tonight. I was going to hold off a bit more since I haven’t heard back form Emma, but given the current communicative circumstance regarding rearrangment of the forums I’ll just post in in the (currently) designated forum, and if it turns out the program needs to be in another area when all is said and done with initial structural changes, the program will be moved or reposted at that time. For any students that come across this and have access to the Dark Training forums, if you want to put Yami Doko to use, feel free. People will do as they please anyways, and if there’s a little tiddying up to be done in any of the forums by the time thigns are straightened out, so be it.

P.S. I wonder if anybody has noticed that in almost every quote I’ve posted, there is a relevant link…



  1. Looks like someone has been busy with making a new blog 🙂 I’m keen to watch this tree of yours grow. Or whatever plant it’s supposed to be (I can’t help but think of a very fragrant, poisonous rose with long and sharp thorns that rip the unworthy!).

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