A Fragment: Histories of the FA

Sometimes it’s good to read through older writings. That is, after all, what the Dark Wiki is for, provided for the explicit purpose of study and reflection. And though it may not be meant to demonstrate any current schools of thought, there are pieces that speak to our time all to well sometimes.

“Post ideas and lectures from knights and padawans, apprentices and masters… For if these ideas and opinions merely float around in ones head, or even if they are put forth within the chat room at a certain point in time they will only do good for a select few and not for the many. Yet, in doing as such; do not sacrifice quality for quantity.
Post; put forth your ideas and your progress. Not because it is right, not because it is wrong; but because it is a voice that needs to be heard. Be it a whisper from the shadows or a mighty roar from the screaming cliffs. Stop, speak quietly, ponder, question and, above all else, live.”
~ Arithion (Selected Excerpts from Histories of the FA)

It’s not about politics, or chit-chat, or networking. All of that, and more, enters into the equation, but peripherally, only in relation to the more important things. It’s about engaging in something, in whatever way, and tinkering with ideas, testing them out, experimenting. Stray thoughts, systems of philosophy or metaphysics, concepts, half-fleshed out ideas, fully developed ones, interesting theories, recounting experiences, toying with those experiences mentally, to think up new things and experiment in present and future experiences to see what else might be discovered… I could go on, but you probably get the idea.


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