Sith Quote | Moor

“What suffices for others is unacceptable to us. When others are admired, we see you doing what you are expected to. And thus might you rise to dark glory as the strongest of your kind, for one Dark Jedi should always be worth one hundred of the Light. This is what we demand and no less. And if this seems to much for you to demand of yourself, then we suggest that you carry your weakness somewhere else and make room for the warriors of Darkness.”
~ Darth Moor



  1. Darth Moor: I have read your writings and meditations on several sites. I have studied aspects of the force for many years but only recently realized that I was born for the Dark side. I am eager to learn more techniques but have read what I can find so far without being a member in Sith and Jedi / Force websites. I am eager because I feel I have wasted years pursuing the light which was always foreign and only held me back. I burn for the knowledge of the Dark side.  

    1. Darth Moor doesn’t write here 😉 , just me. You can probably get in touch with him at the FA, but sadly he’s not aligned with darkness anymore. There are others that learned from him back when he wrote the words I quoted here (mainly two, both of which can also be found at the FA), but neither are very active. If you’re interested in learning and exchanging thoughts with other Sith you’re welcome to stop in and sign up at the Order of the Sith.

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