Love Your Anger

“Anger is not a virtue, it is an emotion and a damaging one at that. That is why wrath is listed among the 7 deadly sins.”
~John Camillieri, Light Jedi Master

The Necessity of Anger, written by Richard Irvine, springs to mind… I’d say wrath is quite a virtue, to my way of thinking, when one knows how to work with their anger. One of the reasons I like John Camillieri’s opinions and teachings… is for their purity. Their righteously, straight up, unapologeticly of the Light. He’d probably never agree with me, and I like that. He and I could probably only ever understand each other on an intellectual level at most. Not spiritually or experientially though, his Way is beyond my experience or interest.

“I am saying acknowledge your anger then release it. That does not eliminate the possibility to learn from it or enact a positive change in your life or the lives of others. The difference is that you won’t be going about it in a state of rage- which will limit your effectiveness and might harm your self or others by igniting needless conflicts and wars.”
~John C.

The trick is to train oneself to function and act mindfully in a state of anger or rage. Most people might be more limited in their effectiveness, if they’ve never actively, mindfully experimented and trained themselves to be effective while anger courses through them. The same could be said of fear, or sadness, or even happiness though. Happiness particularly is quite the opiate. A competent Dark Adept, on the other hand, arguably ought to be (or become) very effective in such a state.

As to the matter of harm and conflict, there’s nothing to heal if you never get hurt, nor stimulus for others to grow stronger through getting hurt and undergoing the process of healing. What doesn’t kill you should make you stronger. Should that bother me? If it’s supposed to wear on my conscience… I have to say, I’m having a bit of trouble drudging up the appropriate amount of guilt or shame. And concerning conflict, that’s ever-present. It’s kind of a moot point ot even bring that up.

(One of my responses in a discussion entitled Love Your Anger, slightly reworked and added to before being posted here.)


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