Mechanisms Of Introspection

“If the truth of all that we are lies within, and all that we are encompasses all that is, then the answer to every secret and question I might ask a wise man or the tarot also, potentially, exists within me already.”

To me, this is essentially the function of tarot cards, numerological formula’s, astrological lenses, and other things of a similar nature. They have little to no inherent power of their own, they’re just tools that help to draw out inner ‘truths’ into view so you can more consciously work with or use them, or, in the case of having someone do a reading for you, playing off of information that already lies within.

With one’s self, it’s simply a tool for introspection, the symbols have meanings that are personal and the hints or answers are intentionally designed to be vague to give the individual using these tools a point of focus through which to look at their issues to bring them to a head and get a better grip on them.

In readings, whether there’s mystical implications or not, it still functions in basically the same way. The insights, about a question, the past, the future, or whatever else, are vague, (so that) they aren’t wrong and are never entirely useless or “inaccurate”, especially with someone skilled enough to guide the person into finding what the reading pertains to and what it might mean…..

Just some random thoughts on tarot, runes, numerology, etc. I’ve touched on it before. I titled this post Mechanisms Of Introspection because I was thinking about it in those terms when I started typing, but it’s an outlook that I feel probably applies to people like Charles (host of The Labyrinth radio show). 

I think belief in any forms of mystically based practices is almost irrelevant in terms of utility and validity with; rune readings, tarot cards, and various other methods can all be effective with or without subscribing to any sort of mysticism, and getting a reading from someone else, someone that’s not a complete charlatan, is just a case of looking inward with the help of someone skilled enough to help you look inside.

Stray thoughts…


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