Nostalgic Recollections (Part I)

Sith Realism occured to me when I was pretty damn young, and well before I thought there might be other people with the idea of drawing on the mythos for inspiration. And in fact the first time I stumbled onto any sites on the internet dealing with things like that, I did so in the midst of researching the Sith of Star Wars, sifting through fan-fiction forums, wookiepedia, roleplaying sites, and things of the like.

The first site I ever came across was the original Force Academy, and if my memory is to be trusted, the first real Sith lectures I ever read were Darth Moor’s, the first head of th Dark Aspect at the FA. I didn’t sign up there though, and waited awhile before registering anywhere. Whe I finally did join a community, it was at Home of the True Sith. I forget who all was running it at the time, but a few of the main players there were Seti I Shadim, Loreleila, and Dirk Sith. The other names I came across, unfortunately, escape me. And I think it was around that time that I registered an account at the Jedi Order of Ashla Knights, run by Derek Thompson.

Following that, I showed up at who knows how many sites, but foremost among the many were Force Followers United (since renamed Force Study Center, a now a defunct, inactive site) and SithNet (also inactive, for the most part, if it even still exists). It was in a number of these places that I became acquainted with such people as Darth Necrom, Empress Palpatine, Mrs. Darth Vader, and a few others whose names I’d probably screw up… I vaguelly remember a SonyBlack, or something along those lines, and other people, but I’m not sure how accurate the names would be that I could give.

I created the Order of the Sith (October of 2006) in a manner heavily influenced by the Force Academy in that the name was misleading. The Council consisted of Sith, Jedi, and Shadow Jedi, and so little of each – especially the Sith and the Shadow Jedi – was defined that we all kind of forged it into what we each envisioned it to be. The Sith defined what it meant to be Sith, and the Shadows did much the same. The people I can remember being on the council with a fair amount of certainty: Myself, Empress Palpatine, Mrs. Darth Vader, and Derek Thompson. Some that may or may not have been on it: Seito Gabda, Lithinienel, (later on) Aly Priceless… I really can’t remember for sure. Altogether though, they made up what was called the Council of Balance.

(Part I)


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