Nostalgic Recollections (Part II)

At some point down the road, I got an e-mail from someone (I later found out was Atlas’s cousin) inviting me to a secretive site called the Sith Empire, and around that time (either before or after lol) I started interacting more with Necrom. I joined up with Darth Atlas’s Empire, and was apprenticed to him for a time; we worked together collaboritively, more partners than master and student, for the most part. While a member there, I helped to recruit people from all over the Force Realist communities and – between me and him – allied OotS with his site. We started up classes, of a sort, centering around what we felt were important areas of interest at the time, they ranged to things like the Dark Side, Emotions, The Sith, and Dark Jedi, among other things. Subjects we felt were important, at the time.

During that alliance, I’d started thinking about a reformation at the Order, so when Atlas brought it up as something for me to consider I was more than willing to move forward with the changes. The aim was to shift the sites focus from all-encompassing (Jedi, Sith, Dark Jedi, Shadow Jedi, etc.) to a totally Sith orientation. While I was making changes, a few of the council members (Empress Palpatine and Mrs. Darth Vader) didn’t have access to the council forums, and assumed they’d been kicked out. Despite my attempts to explain things, the falling out was pretty much irreversable. I wasn’t to heart broken though, to be honest. They’re nice enough ladies, but I’d been wandering farther and farther from what they defined as Sith, and their departure was a good thing in that respect.

Soon enough, Atlas wanted to move forward further, and at some point in all of this, there was an alliance between myself, Atlas, and Necrom. The Sith Triumvirate, I think we called it. It was an alliance in the sense that we all had a clear agreement to work together, collaboritively, to serve and further the interests of the Sith Way.

If I had to break down our roles… I’d say Atlas was the visionary (presenting thesis), Necrom was the one that usually voiced dissent, questioning the validity of a given topic of dicussion, the point of controlling the Sith communities in a virtual, perhaps meaningless place, and things like that (providing antithesis), and me, observing, listening, mediating (synthesizing). Necrom stayed with it for awhile, but eventually dropped out of it and left us to our plotting, planning, and whatever the hell else we were up to back then. Shortly thereafter, Atlas founded and – for a very brief time – ran the Sith Order of the Suns with me and Lilith (a Sith we’d gotten acquainted with and that basically filled the void left by Necrom).

The Sith Order of the Suns had a nice little library of lectures, old and new, set up on a seperate forum; that ended up sticking around a lot longer than the order itself, but eventually disappeared to. SOotS was, in some ways, a precursor to what came next in the string of initiatives Atlas liked to come up with and pursue: The Alumno. Khaos was a member there from the get-go, if I’m remembering correctly. There were ranks, a sort of chain of command, and houses indicating particular areas of interest. Khaos headed up House Discordia centering around discord (obviously), and though I forget the name given to Atlas’s corner of the place, it revolved around what he called the Solar Philosophy, distinguishing it from what he regarded as the more traditional philosophy with Sith practitioners, which he’d deemed the Atrum Philosophy.

And… that’s about all I feel like writing for now. I might write up to the present, and if I do you can just consider this a ‘to be continued’ sort of thing. But I might not…. We’ll see.


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