‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting

There was a shooting at a screening of the new Batman movie. Not coming across this in the news, whether on television or the computer, is damn near impossible. It’s a popular news item in most circles, and groups centered around Marilyn Manson and his works are no exception. I kind of like the people in most of these groups (e.g. Provider Module, The Nachtkabarett, etc.), and enjoy reading their interpretations of the art and their opinions on other things, so I’ve joined some of them over the last few months. Very rarely do I participate, but I enjoy reading through threads, posts, and strings of comments.

One of my favorites among these groups is the Facebook group for Kushner’s site (The Nachtkabarett); in fact, it’s one of the few I’ve actually posted in. Tonight (or, technically, this morning, thanks to my insomniac tendencies) I got interested in a discussion there about the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ shooting, which kind of touched on gun control, why things like this still happen, Manson’s essay on Columbine (which apparently started trending on twitter due to its relevance), the flaws of America (regardining education, lack of structure, etc.), and so on.

One guy mentioned – in large part because of comparisons of America to other countries – that we’re all just animals. That’s what really hooked me into adding my two cents. I kind of used that as a starting point for my own comments. I’m not going to quote anyone besides myself because I don’t know that anyone there would appreciate that and I don’t feel like asking, but if you want to go join the group, feel free: The Nachtkabarett (facebook group). Anyways, what I said is probably still pretty clear even without the surrounding context of the discussion, so…

“I’d agree that we’re animals. But the thing is, I think if you tame an animal you take something away from it… and not in a good way, in my honest opinion. We’ll probably always be animals, and honestly I don’t care about how violent we are, or, put another way, it doesn’t seem like something ‘wrong’ with us to me, it just is what it is. And even if I wished we weren’t the way we are as human beings, given the alternatives (the ways in which ‘tamed humans’ can be made a reality), I’d rather we be violent than tame.

I guess I’d rather we just come to terms with our violent nature and accept that things like Columbine and ‘The Dark Knight’ shooting are going to keep happening; that’s not to say I think people should like it, be okay with it, or do nothing about it, just that I think we ought to acknowledge and accept it, rather than blaming scapegoats (like Manson) or pretending we aren’t, in fact, animals. Just thought I’d throw my two cents out there anyhow 😉 .”

[A Response/Comment from someone else (omitted), then…]

“I don’t entirely agree with everything in the essay (Columbine: Who’s Fault Is It?) that’s been recirculating since the shooting, but the following part seems relevant: ‘Right now, everyone is thinking of how they can prevent things like Littleton. How do you prevent AIDS, world war, depression, car crashes? We live in a free country, but with that freedom there is a burden of personal responsibility. Rather than teaching a child what is moral and immoral, right and wrong, we first and foremost can establish what the laws that govern us are. You can always escape hell by not believing in it, but you cannot escape death and you cannot escape prison.”(~Marilyn Manson)

I’m definately on board with the sentiment that self-discpline and personal responsibility are important and sorely lacking.”

Those are my opinions, slightly altered since I changed the more interactive elements of them to make more sense outside of the discussion. I kind of had to take into consideration that these people don’t really know about my way of life or opinions… which was quite refreshing.


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