Pondering Fear

(Written June 30th, 2009)

What do I believe about fear? I believe that it is one of our basist emotions, one of those very connected with the humans more “bestial” nature. It is viewed by many as nothing more than a survival mechanism, but while I can agree that it is probably just that, its function as such is only part of the picture. Being a built in tool, existing for the purpose of survival, is, in and of itself, an important point to consider as survival is a relative subject – philosophically and practically – to a Sith. Because of this alone it proves itself a valuable emotion. But in modern times, the function of fear is not solely exclusive to physical survival anymore; not as it was in hundreds or thousands of years ago, and even then there was always the danger of allowing fear to “freeze you in place”.

No, in today’s more complex world, there are a great many things that bring fear to life within us; it could be anything from speaking in front of a group of peers to missing an “important” call. Obviously, these are not matters of kill or be killed, at least not in the conventional sense. So then I suppose the question arises: Is it still valuable in this day and age? I happen to think so as spiritual and menal survival are just as important as physical survival, and that is what is at stake these days.

(Written June 30th, 2009 | Part of a private discussion; I was asked what I thought about fear, its uses, its pitfalls, and anything else I thought might be relevant [to the person] at the time. Basically, it’s just a fragment of an old, old, discussion.)


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