It Signifies Rebirth

I think that the process of rebirth, of transitioning from a man to a Sith, is an important and often overlooked aspect of Sith development. Choosing a new Name is a symbolic and integral part of this process. I made a deliberate, conscious, and sacred choice to purge my former self. I burned who I once was. Draconis was the Sith that arose from the ashes, the being I envisioned, nurtured, forged, and ultimately became. Coming up with the name, and using it as my own from then on, signified meaningful change in my life. It isn’t just a nickname, it’s who I am.

Above is a slightly touched up tidbit from an old treatise on alchemy as it pertains to the Sith practitioner. I’m not sure when exactly I wrote it, but if you look in the ‘Sith Archives’ forum at the Order of the Sith, you should be able to find one of the earliest versions. I was thinking about rewriting it about a year ago (at least), but never did. Then I re-read it last month and started to rewrite it, only to relegate it to the backburner again. I figure what the hell, why not post the little fragment…

(The earliest version I know of that’s still around, like I said, can be found at OotS. It was posted there March 30th, 2009)


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