Going On The Air

Maleficus Amor started here; this blog was it. The only thing I had was a vague idea I expressed in a poem to capture the spirit of what I was probably going to be writing about here: that is, basically whatever I want to, however I want to. Over the better part of a year, I’ve used it for ramblings, scribblings, litterings, lectures, announcements, updates about what might be going on at the Force Academy, and other various things. And I don’t have to repeat any particular kind of expression or anything, but I can and have at my own discretion.

The point is, the only intention for this blog was to make limits, break limits, play with them like they’re arbitrary (because believe me, in a way they are), with no expectations or focused ambitions. It’s a playground. That’s part of why I’ve just tried my hand at something new as an extension of this site: I’ve created an account on Blog Talk Radio and entitled my free radio show Maleficus Amor. I’d been toying with the idea of dipping my toes in the auditory waters of internet radio for a few months, off and on, and happened to be listening to a show on Blog Talk centering around esoterics. Putting one and the other together added up to me signing up on whim.

I probably could’ve arranged to have a radio show hosted by the Knight of Awakening, if only I’d asked, but there are a few reasons that didn’t appeal to me personally. Some of the biggest reasons are…

  • I may not show any consistency in airing the shows. The time of day will change based on whatever is convenient for me.
  • I might do a show every day for a week and then do none the following week.
  • The times, being sporadic, hapharzadly chosen, and decided on at the last minute sometimes, would be extremely inconvenient for David and Justin.
  • The first show may be the last show.
  • I don’t want to deal with interactions, I want to rely and work with myself in setting up a show, deciding a time, picking a day, etc. or… in not doing any of those, if that’s my preference at any given time.

So yep, I signed up at Blog Talk Radio on a whim and put everything in place for a show. If you have any questions about what I say or want any clarification, I’d suggest posting a thread for each of them at the Force Academy, in whatever forum you think is appropriate, because while I may or may not be interested in discussing them, other people might be. If I end up doing more episodes, there’s always the possibility that I might clarify or expand on and explain a few of the things I’ve touched on before… so I guess you could just wait and see.

And of course there is the ever-present option of ignoring all of it.


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