The First Show

The First Show/Show Description: “This is me bumbling and stumbling my way through the first show. A poem written for Maleficus Amor almost a year ago is recited and applied to this new piece of playground equipment (that is, the radio show), a few mentions are given to other online radio shows, and the meaning of the title – both the literal translation from latin to english and the approach to spirituality and living it alludes to – is talked about a bit. It’s intentionally brief, and a bit rough around the edges.”

So there it is. Combine the thought that people were going to be able to listen to this (which was at the back of my mind the whole time), the awkardness of talking to some unknown audience (i.e. talking to myself), the slight amount of nervousness, and the fact that I was a bit tired and decided to just do the first show on a whim at 3:00 am… and you get an unrefined show. But hey, it’s a start.



  1. Congratulation on your first show. Yeah, its a bit awkward to start, but it get easier as you get a feel for the flow.

    1. Thanks 😀 , I did a few dry runs to see how I sounded, and I did like three or four 3 minute ‘tests’ to get a feel for it, and a last test that ran about fifteen minutes, before going ahead with an actual episode. I’ve found, I work better with having topics in my head and going from there; writing things down turned my attempt at a second episode last night into a fucking trainwreck imho… it wasn’t terrible, but it just Did Not turn out how I wanted it to, so I’m using what I learned (that any amount of writing things down beforehand really makes me nervous, disorganized, and screws with executing my intent the way I want) in the next show, whenever that may be.

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