Dark Leadership: M. R. & A.

Dark Leadership: Musings, Reflections, and Ambitions | Show Description: “Covered in the show: A shout out and thanks to the Knights of Awakening (particularly Justin Bane) for taking an interest in Maleficus Amor, and to Khaos for his congrats. Differences between leadership of the Force Academy and leadership at the Order of the Sith. The idea of service, choosing service to an ideal over other possible ways to approach leadership (as a manager, a dictator, an absentee, etc.). Comparison of the Dark Aspect to Darth Vader’s suit/armor, concerning the claustrophobia he initially felt and that he came to terms with it, adjusted to it. Status of the Lecture Hall, its existing sections, and some insight on a section soon to be added: Collections and Codices. Sinister Arcanum, its relation (or lack thereof) to the FA, overview and misc. thoughts on it. More or less…”

The second installment on Maleficus Amor (The Radio Show). I’d like to make a slight correction on behalf of Axael; I actually did mispronounce her name. The correct pronunciation being: EX-ILE. In the show I covered most of what I wanted to, and I recieved some feedback on it that’s worth keeping in mind as I move forward, and that might be addressed at some point (as it relates to something I touched on briefly in the first show), so all in all things turned out pretty well for this one.


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