Effortless Brilliance

Totally effortless brilliance probably doesn’t exist, but the appearance of it inspires awe and amazement in people that don’t know the mechanics or details of what you do. In terms of writing a story, some (perhaps most?) people don’t take into account the time and effort of creating what turns out to be a creators magnum opus. One can become enraptured by the intricacy, completeness, precision, and power of such a creation, and the possibility that they could do that to – in their own way – often escapes them. An artists “innate talents” are nearly always blamed, because for people that have never created something of brilliance, they must point to something they don’t believe they have. And who’s to say… maybe they don’t.

That’s the funny thing, I bet most people really couldn’t hack it, ever, if they tried their hand at something, because they don’t have (and will not generate) the necessary dedication and strength of will to follow their dreams, do what they know in their heart is their calling, or keep pushing to make something happen in such a pursuit. It might be because they don’t know what they really want or what calls to them, or it could be that they know and are wrapped up in doubts about their ability, about the validity of what they want to go after and do with their time, or any number of reasons. But statistically speaking, most people will only ever know of greatness as a witness to someone elses creation.

Most people don’t have it in them to even try. You have only what you make – or take – for yourself in this life, and most people just don’t seem capable of shouldering the responsibility to themselves that would result. You can try and say that they’re responsible and accountable even if they won’t admit it, but the fact is that if they don’t believe they are, you’re probably not going to convince them otherwise, and anything to change that will usually be viewed as a threat to the security of their comfortable (but boring and unfulfilling) lives. When that’s the case, the time and effort it would take to have a chance at getting through and shaking their secure, familiar world is arguably better spent on other things (or other people).

But you know what? That’s perfectly fine. I’ve talked a lot about hierarchy in the last few months – or, more than I usually do anyways – and there’s a parallel between something I’ve said about that, and something I’m going to say about this: the weak, the mediocre, the regular people, the herd, or whatever the hell you want to call it, they have their place. In any given context, some people are going to fall into that category, and they damn well ought to because if everyone was at the top, or successful, or brilliant, (or, again, whatever you want to call it) it’d be meaningless to be among them. Being the “best” in any way is, from the perspective of any onlooker, relative to your contemporaries in a particular context. There’s ‘crappy’, ‘fair’, ‘good’, ‘better’, and ‘best’. See what I’m saying? If everyone was ‘best’, we’d all be equals… and it just so happens we’re not.

(Written July 26th, 2012)


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