Well Beyond Reach

(Written December 9th, 2011)

I feel outraged or astonished about things that happen in the world beyond my sphere of influence. Fairly often. Sure. Here’s the question I would ask you. How much do you care? Enough to try to expand your influence into those faraway lives, to make these occurences just a little less frequent? How far are you going to take it, how much of your energy, attention, time, and emotion are you willing to sacrifice to it? To me, it’s not that I’m absolutely apathetic to things outside my reach, it’s a matter of what I want more.

The amount of effort, and time it would take to start a revolution or run for office is a price I’m aware I can pay. Still, the question is, in paying a price, what do I want to be paying for in effort, energy, time, and attention? The well-being of people that I don’t even know? The shortcomings of this government or that government? Or myself, my family, and my friends? Probably that last one.

When it comes right down to it though, you know what the atrocities of the world are probably helped along by, by and large? Everybody wanting someone else to do something about the issues, the violation and beating of something as sacred as an infant for instance, but the ones that have these things within their own reach don’t want to do it themselves. It’s always someone elses responsibility. And because they don’t concern themselves with their own range of influence, maybe that’s why they have the luxury of wasting energy bitching about the injustices of the world at large.

If people would worry about their own reach, about what they can actually influence, instead of expecting “someone” to do something about it, there’d probably be less things outside of their reach to hear about, and less guilty outrage over things they know full well they aren’t going to do shit about because it’s to far out of their reach for them to actually invest the efforts and expenses it would take to fly halfway around the world, or even from one side of their country to another, to do something. lol, yeah, I think folks generally don’t do anything about what’s right in front of ’em. I think it’s ridiculous to want or expect them to travel, sweat, or get thrown in jail for something that’s a thousand miles away when they won’t even look after their own backyard.

(Excerpt from an old discussion at OotS: Hmmm… | I’ve noticed lately that direct links to specific threads don’t seem to work properly, so if this one doesn’t… *shrugs* sorry about that. I thought I’d post this slightly touched up fragment a) for the hell of it and b) because it slightly relates to the show Khaos did today on Dissonance.)

Additional (Present Day) Commentary: I wasn’t, and am not saying, that if care enough you shouldn’t bother if it seems beyond your reach. I’m saying if you don’t care enough to pay the price of expanding your influence that far, be fucking honest with yourself about it. Don’t waste your time trying to convince yourself that you really care or that it’s worth much of your time.


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