Sinister Arcanum

In the last Dark Blurb thing, I noted the unveiling of Sinister Arcanum and linked to it, but explained very little. So beyond the fact that it has, and will probably have more of, material that’s been forgotten, hidden away, or rarely (if ever) shared before… I feel like explaining a few other elements of it.

The Layout…
Home Page (Showing the Latest Additions)
Holocrons & Journals (Index of various Holocrons and Journals)
Collections & Codex’s (Index of Collections and Codex’s)
Lectures & Lessons (Index of Lectures and (more interactive) Lessons)
Resources (An Index of sites that might be of interest to Dark aspirants.)

Formatting occured as I went and unfolded into what it is at the moment. Part of the reason behind the way I layed everything out was to make it easy to add to, and to put in place a little of what’s going to be added before it’s actually put in. It has the added benefit of maximizing quantity of posts.

I’ve described it elsewhere as being a more refined version of the Dark Holocron. Some of the most recent additions: Library of the Infinite (by Vallen), Dissonance (hosted by Khaos), The Night (by Richard Irvine), Evil and the Dark Side (by Moor), and The Nature of the Dark Side (by Darth Kryptos).


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