The Flowers Of Evil (Part I)

What are “The Flowers of Evil”?

Every word, every action, every post… these are all flowers. You could tamper with that meaning and apply it to the number of things said in a single breath/post, but for the purpose of getting across my meaning, each piece we write and share is a flower.

But what makes them Evil?

That they are grown, harvested, and shared by darksiders. We all tend to flowers of our own, and that applies to all of us, but the nature of a flower is determined by the things we resonate with, believe in, and stand by… among other things. The Flowers of Darksiders are flowers of Evil simply because they are of the Dark.

So it’s fair to say that, in your mind, all Darksiders are Evil?

Yes, without a doubt. Many of us over the years have convinced ourselves and others that this isn’t so, that just because we’re dark or different does not mean we are evil or that we should be shunned. I myself was once a vocal supporter of that idea. I think it’s because we wanted acceptance, we thought it was stupid to be rejected or treated differently because of our beliefs and affiliation and the things people would attach to those. We were niave.

Niave? Could you explain that?

Certainly. It didn’t seem fair to be treated like we were out of sorts when we all had interests in the Force, ethics, practices, and ways that relate to each other; no matter how differently we viewed these things, our clashing perspectives and beliefs revolved aound many of the same things. Because of that commonality, people like me didn’t understand that given our differences it is only natural that we be treated differently in some ways.

Are you saying you should be rejected, disrespected, or shunned? You can’t be serious.

Well, that’s not precisely what I mean, but it’s close. Look at it this way: Lightsiders generally believe in and stand for altruism, helping others, doing what’s they believe is right… and harming others, being self-centered, viciously pursuing your own ends at the cost of other people, and other similar practices – oas well as their underlying values – tend to be frowned upon when they manifest in Light practitioners.

They cannot help but judge us within the context of their outlook as Lightsiders. Anything more objective than that and they wouldn’t be responsibly percieveing or acting as Light practitioners. They’re right to view us as something to oppose, undermine, and challenge at every turn. And if they’re not, then they’ve lost sight of what they’re meant to be.

But you haven’t been kicked out of anywhere lately for being a Lord of the Sith, or for your well known allegiance to Darkness… have you?

No… no, not lately. And I don’t think I ought to be. But short of being kicked out… where there is a group of lightsiders, there should be a thorn in my side. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Forward to Part II



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