A Fragment: (Im)Mortality

“We are mortal beings… you, me, and the rest of mankind. And passion, passion is that drive to become more than just human, more than a mortal. Opening your eyes to the Heart within yourself and embracing it is an important step, for an Adept of the Dark Side seeks to become more than just another person. He seeks to become a god. For that, he must find the boundaries of his mortality. Find your limits, search them out. Demolish them.”

(A fragment of something I began to write a few months ago, probably towards the end of last year.. Above is only an excerpt, but the entriety of it is pretty short and is, for all intents and purposes, on the backburner… at most. Might never get touched again, or it might be reworked, added to, etc. Note: The way passion is addressed here falls short of what it is when looked at as a poison. That might be something that’s developed and expressed with more clarity, if and when this is reworked.)


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