The Flowers Of Evil (Part II)

What do you think that says about the Lightsiders of the world, and what do you think should be done about it?

Like I said ealier, to me it says they’ve lost sight of who they are and what they stand for. Look up my response to Tianwen’s Research Questions. I can’t believe I got away with trashing and mocking the Jedi Way so bad and not getting any direct disagreement, criticism, questions, or even clarifications from any of the Lightsiders there, many of whom are Jedi. Not only did it not seem to bother them on a personal level, it also didn’t seem to occur that my opinion on the idiocy of the Jedi Way might reflect badly on their way of life in the eyes of newcomers, expecially since the answers I gave weren’t really disputed in any way.

They need to take a good hard look at the reasons why I can get away with something like that, why I can actively promote deliberate manipulation, dangerous lifestyles, and allegedly unhealthy practices when they can see what I’m doing. They need to ask themselves why the hell they haven’t at least chimed in here and there to offer alternatives they believe to be better.

Let’s get back to the Flowers of Evil. What’s the relevance of this concept to the communities?

Many of the flowers cultivated and offered by Dark Side practitioners are harmful to others. They can have an adverse affect on other people, many of which never wanted, asked, or learned how to deal with such dangerous specimens.

It’s relevant to Darksiders in that we cherish our insights, our perspectives, and everything else we’ve worked for. We care for it and place so much importance on our flowers that we find ourselves trying to share them with others. We’ve tried so persistently and been so successful in selling our bouquets over the years that they’ve become acceptable, in spite of their evil.

Sorry, I’m still not getting it. You bring up evil again, but what exactly makes you and, by extension, your flowers so very, very evil?

It’s fine, communication is one of those things one has to struggle with continually… the struggle to articulate.

Look… Think about what I value, believe in, and promote: passion, awareness of it and alliance with it; deception, deliberate use of untruths and misdirection to get what I’m after; manipulation, not only the mindful manipulation of other people, situations, and so on but the active expansion of ones ability to influence ones surrounding world; and awareness and exploitation of the conflict inherent in life; aggression, ruthlessness, and persistence in pursuit of goals.

Do you understand what I’m getting at?

I think I’m starting to.

*laughs* I could be more explicit. I could explain what living by those values can really lead to, how genuinely dangerous it can be if you stand by them and go the distance, but I don’t really want to get in trouble for promoting violence or anything, so more in-depth elaboration on some of the more iffy, natural consequences from adherence to Dark ways might need to remain off the record.

If you say so…

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